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Hospira Pty Ltd delivers ClopineConnect® and maintains the ClopineConnect® website.


Information for Patients

ClopineConnect® has been designed to provide information and the contact details of support groups for people receiving the atypical antipsychotic Clopine® (clozapine).

Information for Healthcare Professionals

ClopineConnect® is a service
- for prescribers and prescribing centres of Clopine® to record baseline and ongoing results on use of Clopine® in clinical practice
- provided via a system of regular monitoring and recording of white blood cell counts and neutrophil counts for all patients recieving Clopine® to reduce the risk of patients developing agranulocytosis or neutropenia

ClopineConnect® requires all patients, prescribing doctors, dispensing pharmacists, centre co-ordinators and centres using Clopine® to be registered on the ClopineConnect® database.

Registration for Support Services

The ClopineConnect® Website provides healthcare professionals who are not currently using Clopine® the opportunity to register for ClopineConnect® Support Services. The ClopineConnect® Support Services allow healthcare professionals to learn more about Clopine®, as well as provide the opportunity to experience the newly updated ClopineConnect® Website and its features. The ClopineConnect® Support Services also outlines and provides regular updates on the additional initiatives that Hospira Pty Ltd provides to Clopine® Centres.

If you are a prescriber or healthcare professional, and would like more information please complete an on-line registration form or register to receive a visit from one of our Hospira Pty Ltd Representatives.

Email ClopineConnect®    AUS Phone: 1800 656 403   Fax: 1800 657 454
NZ Phone: + 61 3 9868 0374 | 0800 435 811    Fax: 0800 435 812